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Default It was an accident that made it work

I love the OB upright spin. The IB was easy and the OB was not good at all until a mistake on a jump made it work.

I was doing a double mapes and. I love to do a high wrap. This one time I failed to check completely. I extended my left leg (free leg) on the landing but I was still rotating and my arms were fully open. OH NO!

I shifted my weight on my outer forward wheel and what the heck, I was in an OB upright spin. IT FELT GOOD. I mean perfect balance. I let it sink in and finally terminated the spin nicely.

I was able to duplicate the edge and feeling at first by doing a wide inside forward arc and then flipping the edge to and OB edge. It took a little time to stabilize the entry then soon I could slide in to an entry and do the spin.

What does that mean: Sometimes a good thing can Come from a mistake.

Just know that once you get the feeling on the outer forward wheel and the balance you won't forget it. You will have it.
Jim (The Ancient One)
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