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Originally Posted by quantoo View Post
make them out of frozen helium .lol
that way they will be lighter than air.
only problem being youll have to tie em down when you take em off.
On more serious note do you have a heat treating plant nearby ?
I have known people to puchase a specific type of alloy and not get what they ordered and when it got hardness tested it came up soft.
1 pair of mini bike forklegs snapped hospitalising the customer because the manufacturer had trusted the supplier but was sent 1 wrong lot of alluminium by probably have access to rockwell tester anyway so you can keep an eye on things.
I always wanted to stamp out a pair of titanium plates and weld in the pivot and kingpin hangers.
I would love to have a mill and a lathe at home.would come in handy.
lucky ferociuos hey.
cant wait to see the inventions.
I wished that these were bridgeports and better, but these will do. Found one mills in local trader papers and the other wasa new one that had parts stripped off it. Got it cheap. All the replacement parts were a little over $100. I traded for the lathe. Some small block chevy heads got it. Then it all sat in storage for several years. But occassionally i did get to make stuff on them. Having even manual tools helps. I dont even have DRO on any of these.
Ill probably just use bar stock magnesium, mill them out just like aluminum.
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