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Thank you Oicusk for your comment. This is my very first set of rollerblades/skates so I have little to compare it to. The skates look well made, but my opinion is not really worth much again since I have nothing really to compare to.

I was considering following your advice and just start saving up for a new pair of skates, but I was a bit disappointed because my budget wouldn't allow me to buy a good quality skate as the K2 unnaturals seem to be. I got them used for little over $100 here in Cancun, but they looked pretty much brand new when I got them, the insides even smelled like new so I guess the previous owner used them less than 5 times.

Being a bit more stubborn I kept researching and figured out I had a few issues going on at the same time. My biggest concern was that even if I just put the skates on and laid in bed with them my feet would start hurting, so my pain wasn't used to my "unused" feet muscles getting used to working. So following some online tips I put my skates on with 3 pair of socks and tightened them up as much as I could. I then got a hair blow dryer and kept heating up the sides. I did two one hour sessions and it seems they finally gave in! I can now wear my skates for extended periods of time (not skating) without them bothering me at all.

When I do skate, after about 30 to 40 minutes my feet start hurting, but it is a different type of discomfort I feel now, which seems to be the normal pain of getting used to skating.

It seems the issue was my wide feet that didn't have enough room in the boot. With the heat stretch there seems to be enough room now. I am very happy now since it seems I got the perfect size for me. Seems size 8 would have definitely been too small for me, but size 9 or 9.5 would have felt better at first but eventually as the boots expanded a bit my foot would have some room in the boot to slide back and forth a bit.
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