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When comparing the weight of the skates, take into account that the weight of the wheels has a big influence on the total weight and can be very different for different models of wheels. The best is to look at the weight of the boots since the wheels must sooner or later be replaced (soon in case of free ride) and frames can easily be exchanged.

I can give you the weight of some Seba's (boot weight, without frame and wheels):
- Seba High boot 2005/2006 model (so the previous one, the current one is slightly heavier) : 1260g (per boot, size 43).
- Seba KSJ WCE 2010 (very similar to the Trix): 840g (per boot, size 43).
- Seba High Carbon 2010 (with carbon cuff): 1030g (per boot, size 43).
- Seba iGor 2009: 1019g (per boot, size 43).

From my experience, you don't feel that much the weight difference between the High and High Carbon but the weight difference between the High and KSJ is very noticeable.

I don't have the weight of the FR1 but it should be between the iGor and High. Note that latest FR1 has a new shell that should weight leass than the previous model.

About the Powerslide: the HC Evo boot weight is similar to the Seba KSJ/Trix. The latest model has a magnesium frame not well suited for free ride. The S4 boot is heavier but not that much and the S4 has an aluminum frame.

The FR1 is a real free ride boot and less a slalom boot.

The HC Evo, S4, Trix and KSJ are more slalom boot and less strong may be not the best for hard core free ride.

Note that the construction of the KSJ, Trix, HC Evo and S4 is very different from the one of the High, High Carbon and FR1: the later have a removable liner while the others are an integrated construction the liner and shell being one piece. The removable liner can be washed and replaced but it makes the boots heavier and the less responsive/efficient.

The iGor boot is probably the best for a dual use slalom+free ride. In case of the iGor you should only consider the latest model (black with some red, not the silver one) because the inner material is much stronger/durable.

The latest HC Evo and iGor come with a rockered frame, obviously the best for slalom use but less suited for other practices.
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