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Hi folks!

First off I'd like to say what a great community of inline skaters are on this forum, I feel really welcomed by the friendliness of the people here, not to mention the knowledge and expertise many of you have. Anyhow, guess I should introduce myself. My name is Miao, and I am from Chicago. I have lived in Germany for many years, where I first picked up Inline Skating as a youngster. Later on I moved to British Columbia, Canada, where my passion for skating was ignited by the roller hockey craze going on around the time. I played in some outdoor roller hockey leagues at the time with friends, it was a real blast. Finally I came to the to the United States about 13 years ago, and I have been here since.

I have been a recreational/fitness skater for most of my life, though I have always had the urge to go faster. With that idea in mind, 2 years ago I purchased a new set of K2 moto 90 skates which was a perfect blend of speed and maneuverability for me. Earlier this year I decided to pick it up another notch and got myself the Bont Semi Race 100mm. Though the transition has been slow and painful at times (blisters tell the entire story), I am becoming comfortable enough on them to be able to skate with them in any parcours.

I just completed my first race this past weekend, which happened to be the Chicago Inline Marathon, in 2 hours 9 minutes. While I would have liked to do much better (was aiming for sub 2 hours), I wasn't prepared for the number of hills that the course threw at me, and moreover, I had to skate almost all of the course alone. Alas, I can't wait till next year Also thinking of signing up for the Duluth Marathon (heard the course is flat, so times will be fast). My plan is to sign up for more races in the future, and start skating with a local group to get some quality training.

These days you can find me skating along the beautiful lakefront trails along lakeshore drive! Don't always go fast, as I like to take in the scenery (it's breathtaking). I would like to one day be able to skate sub 90 minute marathons, so I will constantly be working to improve my technique. If anybody is around Chicago and enjoys skating as much as I do, feel free to PM me, as I am always up for groupskates!

Anyways, laters y'all
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