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My name is Andrew. I am originally from, and currently live in, the Chicagoland area. I grew up in the suburbs and live and work in Chicago. I started skating as a teenager, and ended up a street skater for most of my teens, and was a rink rat at Coachlite in Rosell, Illinois. I supplemented skating with ATV motocross in my teens. I stopped skating regularly when I was in college and graduate school, but bought myself a pair of Radical 90s to get back into shape after grad school. I skated on and off, but nothing regular. A buddy of mine suggested doing inline marathons last year in February, and that is when I learned about speed skating. Since March of 2011, I upgraded to speed skates (Bont Jets), and have participated in 4 marathons. I have three more races on the schedule this year, including the Chicagoland Marathon, the Minnesota Half Marathon, and potentially the Westfield Grand in Indianapolis. My personal best marathon is 1:36:56, and my long term goal is to skate a sub-90 minute marathon. I have a crazy career as it is, so I have no serious ambition about becoming an elite skater, but I would like to keep up with the fastest skaters in the Advanced Masters division of NROC, if I can. Long term, I hope skating keeps from getting fat as I age.
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