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Originally Posted by fierocious1 View Post
I have to wonder about what is over there that we need yo keep conflict going in the reqion. More oil?
It doesnt add up to get involved
Even if syria came up with some wicked new chem weapon{highly inlikely}he has to be able to reach the USA with it.
Its not as though syria is the epicentre of science technology, turkey would put syria to shame in that regard.
If the rockerfellas wanted to lower the population and not wipe it out completely it makes sense to pick a fight that they control the outcome of .
Otherwise pick a fight with a country that has better assets{CHINA for instance}
Lets say russia says lets go to war , The usa ,brittian and france will mop the floor with russia and as putin sees his beloved population eradicted he will be forced to surrender.
I think theres control of mining, a chance for population control and even some divine power to be had here.
3 reasons minimum to start something in that region.
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