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This thread is getting CuCu for CoCoNuts Crazy.

So Syria has been gassing it's own citizens for years, recently Syria Signed a Document Swearing it would give up it's gas and Gas making equipment, then....Russia resupplied Syria with gas making capibilities, and arms.

Yes, that Russia, the Russia that Trump is a double agent for.

Obama had the US involved in stopping Assad, working with the rebels, against Russia, Trump wanted to get out of Syria, last week, to help Russia, now Trump has to walk a tight rope, trying to stop the gas and trying to please Russia, while he awaits court dates in the US for lying about a Hooker and being a Russan Double Spy.

Originally Posted by rufusprime99 View Post

Originally Posted by quantoo
like you said bad to distrust trump right.
I'm not inclined to. But everyone can make their own call.
trump dont give a sh1t about anyone other than america right.??
Then why does he bother to intervene in syrias business??????

A clear answer was given for this. No, he does not want into their war. By his reasoning, he and allies would attack, to hurt, not to engage in war, with anyone who employs chemical or biological weapons. This is what was said. I'm not going to try and sell this, just reporting.

Originally Posted by quantoo
If the long shot and its a pretty long shot, Assad is getting off on killing his own people to flush out rebels.Lets say

I don't buy that. It is possible, but I think we are being played.

Originally Posted by quantoo
Trump wants to risk a nuclear war to be a hero in syria ,when you yourself said he dont give a sh!t.
Doesnt make sense at all .
Then we have trumps mouth pieces spreading rumours they have concrete proof assad is behind the killing of his own people.

I have since gotten more info. Apparently, we did NOT have solid info from the attack LAST YEAR. Gen Mattis has admitted this.

Originally Posted by quantoo
You yourself just stated it might be a muslim takeover refugee making exercise.
So why are trump and his people blaming assad and telling russia to get out of the way .

Deep State. A creation of Obama. Liberal NWO a holes. We are seeing the Deep State a holes being exposed in the FBI and DOJ. But what of the CIA and other intelligence gathering agencies that feed Trump the info he uses to make decisions? I believe the Deep State wants to push Trump to war. Trump doesn't want it. He want jobs and to fix the economy. The clue is the Dems. They are for it, though they still criticize Trump.

Originally Posted by quantoo
We know full well israeli banks have american politics by the balls.
we also know now that the whole eastern western block war between the serbs and croates was stirred up by israel.What makes israel so immune to starting it all over again????
Just have another look at the gaza strip sagas involving israel against palestine when we know full well it was a war over the petrodollar, another federal reserve interest. Funny how it all arched right up after yassa arrafat annouced he would accept Gold, and any other currency for oil.Not a lot different to what happened to saddam hussien when he annouced the very same thing.
Perfect crime is to make it look like somebodey else is causing the trouble then step in obliterate and take control.
And that is what is happening,its not your bussiness usa, if assad is killing his own people be gratefull that hes not killing other countrys people.
Now the people up top running your country are wastefull, just like ours .your country was built on slavery,just like ours.
Now that slavery has gone they depend on invading putting oil lines in as they go like in iraq {the gulf war}.
Now africa has a real problem with raids and village burning rapes mass genocide.I dont see trump or the UK stepping in .those 2 may even be organising arms dumps to keep the carnage going.
So no way known trump is saving syrian civillian lives out of the goodness of his own heart.
.I dont by it, either trump is being is mislead or hes in on it.

I believe he is being misled. As a private citizen, he has been against this stuff. From a money standpoint, businessman, remember, he does not like wasting money getting into conflicts the bring no return. YES this attack is different. But what they did was attack facilities capable of making chemicals. Generally, he'd stay out. Mattis is driving him toward action.

Originally Posted by quantoo
Either way its not ok. mislead =underqualified ,in on it = corrupt.
Like what hes done for america seemingly but dont entice nuclear war with russia if you care about american lives .1 nuclear bomb = many dead americans

I think the chemical attack is a fraud. Russia likely knows this. They made a BIG noise to try and warn the US off. But Deep State is giving Trump bad info. Then when Russia realized the US and allies were going to believe the lie, all they could do is get their people and ships out of the way. Russia is not going to do a big escalation. For what? Syria? Russia would not go to war if we nuked Syria out of existence. No. Russia knows better than we do. They know the truth. But despite us being wrong, they won't go to war over it.

Deep state?
Obama created a Deep State?
Trump is being fed bad information by an Obama Created Deep State..
Last weeks gas attack didn't happen.
CuCu for CoCo Nuts....

So here we sit with a Russian Double Spy in the President's position, and the Republican party Proctecting him.
And now they make up a Deep State moniker for any Real Americans that want to stop the takeover of the United States by Russian Infiltration, good trick, turn the truth around and blame the innocent for the crimes of the guilty.

BTW, first McCain was responsible for the gas, then it was Soros...Now it's either Obama's fault for the gas or Obama's fault for making up the gas story, and in this story Russia is the good guy, hmm...

Trump doesn't have any intentions other than to get out of dept to Russia and to steal as much money as he can from the American People, but Trump is an idiot, he's caught, Cohen just got busted with the smoking gun.

Trump doesn't get information from anybody, much less the "Deep State", he says all the time he's the best judge of every and any situation and he doesn't need input, which is the exact definition of Dunning-Kruger syndrome.

The Democrats are pushing Trump to War?

If Mathis wasn't there to stop the crazy....Trump would've tried to destroy Syria, Trump is being advised by Bolton, Bolton has a very well known past of wanting to blow up every country not inhabited by White Christians, a true CUCu for CoCoNuts type.

Democrats simply want a peaceful life, good healtcare, good air and water and decent roads to drive on, it's the Religious Right that want's to either polute or Blow up the Planet.
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