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Originally Posted by rufusprime99 View Post
I think one of the REAL, and rightfully so, motivators to kill off chemical and biological weapons is the fear of weapon development. What if you created a biological weapon that could kill all life in a 10 square mile area. Great weapon. But then you are storing a crapload of it, and it gets out by accident. Right? Yeah, they REALLY want to put a total lid on this because eventually someone will come up with something that will kill everybody.
heres an angle.
1 nuclear bomb cam kill every living thing in 300 mile radius not too mention the aftermath.
So should syria get paranoid on a maybe that america will develop weapons and use them on somebody ? Can a cop jail you or I on a maybe?
A bit like nuclear waste never hurt anyone
Im sure theres plenty of that stored in other countrys.
Im not buying it theres an alterior motive and blowing up the so called chemical warehouse is only opening the cantainers its stored in.If theres any there at all in the first place.
I call bullsh1*z on this one correct me im wrong.
Double standards and we may soon see what china has in response to double standards and oppression .It may be payback time soon.
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