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Default Hakim's

Originally Posted by gene View Post
do you have any idea where carol walsh is now--we got third at nationals in intermediate pairs==boston 1959

a very nice family(the hakims) owned that upstairs rink--fairview gardens

billy pate was a great pro and so was his beautiful wife gail
Shaw and I had photography in common, he was part owner in a couple of camera stores in LA??? and had an amazing amout of good gear, that he let me play with..

Shaw's son, my old buddy Eddie who managed Motorcity now runs a hot tub place in Madison Heights, Mi on John R North of Eleven Mile Road. I was in Detroit eariler this year, but couldn't catch hi at the place...

Bill Pate was my last Pro and Gail also helped a lot with my Figures.. They are divorced now and Bill is living in Flordia, I talked to him a year or so ago. We had a laugh about me the kid that could do doubles, but had the worlds worst single axel.. One day when I was struggling with my axel, as usual, he took off his sports coat, hung in over the rail and wearing his dance skates, proceeded to do five axel's in a row.. I had neve seen Bill skate freestyle, let alone do any jumps. When he was done, he gave me the "If and Old Man like me" speach, but it didn't help though, my axel never improved.. I could do a double Bokle (sic) but not a single axel, go figure???

Are you still living in the Detroit area???

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