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Thumbs up Update

Ok, so it's been nearly a week since I got back to the old Rink...

I cracked a rib due to my drunken brother falling on me (he's never skated in his life but had to "have a go").

Aside from the injury, the place is pretty much as it was back in the day

Surface is mostly intact (there are two patches of floor that've been replaced with concrete) and skates just like I remember - the concrete bits do tend to make my wheels a little twitchy though.

What was most amazing was the number of folk who, like me, kept their skates for all these years and could still use them just as well as back in 1990!

Some of the kids (and a couple of the "veterans") had blades but they were in the minority - even my 7-year old niece wants to trade in her blades for a set of quads.

I'd say upward of 90% of the 300+ skaters there were wearing skates pretty much identical (hardware-wise) to mine and some had what you Americans, Aussies etc would see as more "normal" skates (Roller Derby brand boots, at least one pair of Riedells etc).

Best thing: we skated from 7:30pm til midnight on the friday (as promised) then were allowed to go back for a second session on the saturday (which I skated most of but skipped the speed section due to the injury from friday).
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