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Originally Posted by RollerBones View Post
There's a whole article I wrote which you can find at

I've read that so many times before...

Simply explaining, in a nutshell, the ABEC ratings and how they don't exactly mean higher numbers are better... This in no way tells you anything about what separates BONES bearings from any other bearing.

You can say "skate rated" all day because skaters purchase the bearings, it kind of draws them in- hence jargon as this "skate rated" bearing has no data to it. They typically don't have the first clue about ABEC ratings. Let alone what specs are more favorable for a duty such as skating instead of a machining standpoint where higher ABEC ratings are desired for a precision fit. Let alone radial and axial clearances, which aren't covered by the ABEC scale.

Here is a list of tolerances for ABEC rated bearings. The inner and outer races that the balls run in are covered by it and are a prime component in the performance of a bearing. ABEC rating matters, though it DOES NOT guarantee low running torque. This is what skaters are after. To reduce said phenomenon, a certain amount of clearances are needed. "skate rated" doesn't cover this or anything for that matter. There are no "rules to play by". Everyone pretty much has to "trust" in their chosen supplier, that they aren't having mushroom management being stuffed in their face(kept in the dark and fed crap)

So lets hear how "skate rated" bearing have improved tolerance/clearances/specifications to offer lower running torque.

I'll try not to get into a lubrication discussion here as there's no data for your pseudo grease, aka "speed cream". Bearings cause enough of a controversy, mainly spawned by misinformation due to retailers out there.
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