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Originally Posted by Furai View Post
""whats the point of the 2 extra bolts where mounting bolts are?
do you actually feel speed increase.

I tried upsizing wheels and got nothing, this was with new bearings and wheels aswell.

unsure of my max wheel size but i can only have 4 large ones at once.
gonna try 76 and keep upsizing til i max out.

less roll resistance but lost acceleration.""

As a rule (you can read a lot of posts on this in the inline speed section)
Bigger wheels= Take more effort to get going from a standstill BUT once up to speed will go faster with less effort to maintain speed (w/proper technique)
but you generally sacrifice some stability due to the fact your feet are higher off the ground. Wheel profile will also have a lot to do with this......
flatter wheels = more stable less speed- narrower edged wheels = less stability more speed..

Smaller wheels will require less effort to get going but will require more effort to keep the speed up.
If you're not used to them or generally have a low speed style of skating (a LOT of agro in liners do) You probably wont see much speed improvement.

There is a sweet spot for everyone but it will differ greatly depending on how each individual skates.

Also Durometer plays into it a lot. Softer wheels will give you more grip and rebound but wont have the speed higher duro wheels will.
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