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Originally Posted by Furai View Post
whats the point of the 2 extra bolts where mounting bolts are?
do you actually feel speed increase.

I tried upsizing wheels and got nothing, this was with new bearings and wheels aswell.

unsure of my max wheel size but i can only have 4 large ones at once.
gonna try 76 and keep upsizing til i max out.

less roll resistance but lost acceleration.
If your techniques are right, then you get more speed out of a larger wheel given the same/similar urethane(within reason here). The skate will carve slightly slower than before. Unless you went to a bigger softer wheel, you should be just a little faster.

Crappy wheels though, even if bigger will be slower. Example here from own experiences. A 72mm 82A hockey wheel was much faster than the 80mm wheels of a pair of mongoose skates.
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