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Originally Posted by Oicusk82huh View Post
I tried the Radar Energy for outside rhythm and dancing and it was WAY to sticky. I felt like I was gonna break my ankle anytime I tried a one footed spin (the foot stayed stationary). I haven't been outside since then, so I'm also looking for a good outdoor wheel. Glad you posted this, hoping to get some good advice.
Thank you for posting your experience with the Radar Energy wheels! Since you said they feel too sticky, may I ask what your outdoor skating surface is like?

This skater I follow on Instagram has the Radar Energy wheels and posted this video recently. They definitely look more able to turn easily than my current wheels but the spin at the end maybe seems forced to get one rotation? Or maybe that's what she wanted. I don't know...she's a really awesome skater, this is just me trying to evaluate the wheels themselves...

I hope some others will post wheel recommendations for us! Thank you
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