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Default outdoor wheel recommendations for artistic skating

Hello! First time posting. I've been reading all I can here for the past few weeks and have learned so much, thank you all. I'm posting because I need help picking out wheels for practicing artistic basics outdoors on concrete (not super smooth parking garage concrete but more like driveway concrete).

I tried to keep this from being too long! TL;DR: I have a figure skating background, please recommend some outdoor wheels that I can use on concrete to learn artistic skating in.

Iíve been a figure skater (on ice) for 21 years, but currently don't live close to an ice rink. Since I enjoyed roller skating when I was younger, and I live near a very flat trail, I decided that I wanted to start roller skating. (No roller rink here either.) I'm very active and just love trying new things!

Trail skating is really fun but I have goals of learning some artistic skating basics. I have low expectations for how many of my ice skating skills I can transfer to roller skates, especially skating outdoors, but of course Iíd like to try to slowly learn a few things. After practicing a lot, if I could eventually learn a few single jumps and learn to spin on roller skates, that would be my biggest dream...I just canít help myself from thinking of these things when wearing skates! For now though, my expectations are realistic and Iím focusing on the basics.

Hereís my set-up (please donít judge my choices too harshly! I got what I could afford for my first pair, I tried not to be too cheap):
Riedell Model 120 Boots
PowerDyne Thrust Nylon Plate
KwiK Zenith Bearings
PowerDyne Magic Cushions - Universal - 82A Medium
Sonar Zen 62mm x 32mm Wheels - 85A (I now know these are not right at all for what I want to do!)

I ended up buying skates from Riedell since Iíve worn their ice skates for about 18 years now. I tried to do as much research as I could before getting them, but I now know those wheels aren't even a good starting point for anything I want to learn. I feel extremely comfortable already just doing straight skating and can also do scissors (I think thatís what roller skaters call what we call swizzles on ice), dips, glide on one foot, skate backwards, etc. Iíve tried a few mohawks, crossovers, and edges but unstable and like my wheels are stuck in place when I do anything needing to be on an edge, like my shoulder and arm position and how I'm leaning affects absolutely nothing happening with the skate and I have to actually adjust my ankle to make anything happen, which feels really wrong. The scissors do feel like a bit of a struggle too, I think Iím able to force them because I donít have to lean into the edge at all since both feet are going out and in simultaneously.

Iím happy with the boots, and am slowly learning to adjust the rest of the skate parts properly. Iíve played with the tightness of the wheels and trucks and from everything Iíve read, I think theyíre now at a good starting point for me. The trucks feel pretty loose now that Iíve adjusted them.

I wanted to get some advice on what wheels I should try next since I realistically canít just try a bunch of wheels and see what works.

I was considering Roll-Line Magnum wheels in 55 or 57 mm and 49D durometer, but someone told me those only do well on really super smooth concrete. They recommended Radar Energy 57 mm in 87A. I'd just like to hear a few more opinions before ordering anything.

Thoughts or suggestions?

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