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Originally Posted by K2Sk8er View Post
So far so good on the taper week; decided to do nothing that causes joint impact (so no running.) I took Sunday off, yesterday I did 30 mins on the elliptical and an upper body weight workout (chest/shoulders/triceps): I plan on a short skate tonight (10-15 miles) and hopefully one on Thursday (to scuff the new wheels - I ordered a set of Road Wars) then nothing Fri and Sat. (skipping my usual brutal leg workout.) Tomorrow I'll do weights (upper body - back/biceps) after 25-30 mins on the bike or elliptical. I feel pretty good, I've got the jitters but I'm really excited to see everyone and have a good time.
I'm doing shorter (30-45 minute workouts) but intense this week. Going to take Thursday (unless I get some time in the AM)/Friday off and probably will use the elimination race as my pre-marathon - get the lead out of your legs - workout since they're capped at 15 minutes. Now just to make it past the first lap. hah.

Who knows how I'm going to hit race day but hopefully my body is going to be feeling like making some people want to puke because that's one of my favorite past times.
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