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Originally Posted by theDonnybrook View Post
K2S8er, what kind of Roadwars did you get, the regular or the turbo? The turbo is supposed to be a banded version of the regular. I would be interested to hear how they perform before and after the race. If I can get a set cheap, I would considering picking them up.
All Road Wars are banded I believe. The info on MPC's site says they patented it in 1997.

1997, 30/7 (applied), 2000 (issued), Pat.6036278, “Multi durometer skate wheel”

Enter the modern MPC speed wheel, where the tire or ‘outer core’ is adapted to transmit energy to and from an inner core, and release this energy.
The inner core, the softer of the two materials, is adapted to enable controlled lateral flex of the wheel in response to non-radial loading.
The wheel allows the skater to take advantage of these characteristics, bringing an increased area of sidewall material into contact with the surface in a controlled manner.
MTECH™ You get more grip, more rebound, more usable energy return, and less wear.

The "turbo" has a larger band and stiffer hub from what I read this morning.
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