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Originally Posted by theDonnybrook View Post
Chris, what are you doing for weights?
I'm doing a hybrid mix of the P90X weight workouts, following the phases (phase 1 workouts for 3 weeks/recovery week - my own mix of cardio/core since I'm not a big fan of their cardio workouts.) then phase 2; etc. I've modified the workouts since I've completed the program and am more in a maintenance phase.

I am adding some hip abductor moves to my leg workout, since a friend of mine mentioned that I don't use my hips enough when I skate (she's actually a personal trainer/coach so I totally trust her opinions and advice.) She did say that overall my stride and technique look good - just need to open up a bit more.

the ONLY time I've ever barfed after a workout was the first time I did P90X. It was gross but apparently not uncommon... I've had an upset stomach after skating plenty of times but I think it's from the heat. I don't want to get barf on my nice new shiny suit...
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