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With your race so early in the season and with a race of this duration, I don't know that I would really make much change to your training. I would definitely avoid any weight work with your legs and substitute some yoga only if you do it fairly regularly. You definitely don't want to change things too much or throw any wild cards into the mix. I would keep your effort level relatively the same, but go a 15-20% less in your distances. Whatever day your last skate is, I would chill on the effort level and maybe pick up the tempo a couple times in the middle. If you can, this coming weekend, I'd shorten the distance to 22-25 if you can and try to work it as a solid tempo effort. If it's an option, skate with someone faster than you that can push you. Hammer it out and see where the weak spots are, but don't panic if you find one. It will come together for the race.

One last thing, make sure you take the visor off of your helmet.
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