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Originally Posted by ese002 View Post
I didn't record a thing on the Garmin in April. Didn't skate. Didn't hike. Still can't ride a bike. Between nursing my injuries and Shelter in Place, I walked single digit miles each week. Google Fit more or less kept track on the phone but it wasn't worth using real gear. I could post this to Skate Debate but it makes no sense to start a new section just to say I didn't do anything.

I am not optimistic about May. My body is healing but skating seems premature. Still can't ride a bike. The scooter is stuck at the office. The local trails are just too sketchy social distance wise.
Another zero month from a Garmin perspective. From an actual perspective, it wasn't that bad, definitely not the couch potato activity level of Late March/Early April. I've been doing daily fast walks around the neighbourhood of around 4 miles or so. Curiously, Google Fit calls some of those outings "runs". I think the threshold is about 3.25mph.

I'm hoping that, in June I can do something interesting enough to record on the Garmin. It won't happen immediately, though. Cycling is still out because the tail bone. Getting the scooter will require a compelling business reason to go the office. Skates, I have, but I want to see results of a bone density scan first. That was supposed to be today but it has been delayed until Thursday and I may not see the results in Monday. At any rate, I also think I need be free of even transient pain from the ribs and spine before I put wheels on my feet. I'm not there yet.

Skatelog is supposed to shutdown sometime this month so this would seem to be my last update here. I wish it were more positive but that's just the way it is. With July rolls in, I will setup a new thread of unless someone else gets there first.
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