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Originally Posted by GSkateRP View Post
Hey All,

I've been on blades for about 30 years and just hit the rink after a couple years hiatus and want to start going again. I no longer need to go super fast but want to do more rhythm stuff.....enter getting my first pair of quad skates.

I'm debating between Labeda Voodoo U7 or VNLA Diamond Walker. $70 vs $160 so the price difference is considerable.

Are both these boots a true to size fitting? I wear an 8 in running shoes. I was thinking about going up 1/2 a size and can also add another pair of socks if needed.

Thanks for the info.
The diamond Walker is a nice boot, however myself, I do not like its split tongue. I prefer the freestyles tounge.

It has no heel elevation

It has a little more padding than the freestyle boot.

Measure your foot on a brannock device, many skate boots will be 1 size smaller than what a brannock displays to get a good fit. There is a size chart somewhere that gives the last sizes, the freestyle and diamond Walker are built on the same lasts I believe. The freestyle claims to be a C last, but honesty it's more like a smaller D in width.

Here are some size charts I believe to be correct for vanilla. Click on the vanilla icon on this page.

I SHOULD wear a size 11 freestyle, as my feet are 283mm but ended up with a size 10 (someone was selling it CHEAP)and just stretched the boot out.

If they are newer production they will have a double listed size on the bottom the smaller number references the "mens" and the larger number references a womens size. Example a vanilla blackout(brass knuckle) would read a size 10/11 for a mens 10.

The U7 sucks. Skip that thing. I've skated it and hate that pos. Too much padding and it had lace loops instead of eyelets, it didnt sinch up tight, it was just bad.

As for plates, remember that quads skates wont have a front axle as far forward as inlines. Not in the least. So you may want to use a modified mount setup from what they usually build for quads. Who is making this skate for you? Do you know where you like your axles on a quad? Have you been on any yet?
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