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Originally Posted by wired View Post
Yep, I agree 100%.

The article was pretty much hype when it appeared and now with that final arbiter, time, his words have not held up well. I'd say 45 degree plates are even more popular now than 6 years ago. And for good reason.

The overall range of tuning blows anything else away. 30 degree and true 45 degree plates have so much tuning ability to play with. My skates are still evolving. Looking at tall cones from Khiro now to setup in a new set of plates for my R4 boots. The standard SG cones are 1/2" tall and the barrels are app .550. The Khiro talls are .650 and the shorter Khiros are .450 advertised length dimensions. So changing the cushion base height is no biggie, just raise the cutter or try it on another old plate. Then mill out the final plates sets after testing.
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