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We Skated the Route Today.

We did it! Many thanks to "intrepid" George, who by joining me on a two hour stroll and speed - which included a visit to a brass band, some flashy spins (George trying to psych me out), and passing wild eyed people as we passed by at a snails pace - was it the first time they'd seen grown men on blades? And on the prom, sir! Ye gads! - enabled this "skate" (I know we were only two) to take place.

And it is true, you stretch yourself more when skating with someone else as people here have suggested (although face down on the concrete as I tried to jump a step stretched my technique a bit too far).

I did finish in a dehydrated state as George drank all my water. But I think he was getting nervous I'd finish too fast for him to cope so I'm not saying any more about that.

First skate: 100% increase in usual skating population. A success!

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