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Many thanks for the plaudits! It's just one of the Google blogs, though. And in spite of my giving it a title, it's still (only at the moment, let's be positive) just me skating along the prom (got to laugh, really)! I do get addicted to creating blogs and sites though.

Do hope you can come over sometime. Had a thought it would be possible to have a paddle (sans skates) halfway through the skate - is this creativity applied to the route going too far? Yes, but it's a thought. It could then become a real suicide skate:

In today's Daily News:
"We were led into the water by the organiser who'd lost his bearings" says, traumatised inline skater from Birkenhead. Read more...

I'd better stop before I put anyone off from ever joining me. It is a real pleasure to skate beside the sea, though, whether alone or with someone. Dodgy's route in Southport sounds good, too.

A paddler and a skater,
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