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Never been to West Kirkby but that prom looks v tempting.

There are 3 or 4 regular skaters in Southport if you fancy popping over to this neck of the woods sometime. There's about 4 miles of pretty decent tarmac alongside the coast road & in the evening there's a nice quiet car park to slalom in if you're that way inclined.
Yesterday 05:22 PM
Hi Dodgy,

Thanks for replying. I'll have to have a rethink on Southport and perhaps skate over some time.

I've been in contact with the skater who is organising the Fallowfield Loopline Skate in Manchester (again this is a bit too far for me) that Davey Speedstar mentions earlier in this thread - although I expect it's been rained off today. I know Rhineblaze, who's organising it, is having a similar problem finding local skaters.

It occurs to me that Liverpool might be a good meeting point at some time in the future for a group. I did ask sometime ago if the Albert Dock was good for skating around? No one replied. Perhaps a route from the Pier Head to Otterspool (I don't really know this very well, except I think it is flat) although it's unlikely to be as pleasant as Southport or West Wirral (no offence to city dwellers here but perhaps someone might know). Obviously this is definitely a minority sport (although looks like there is quite a lot going on in Southport, re: TimeKeeper_CYMRU's post).

Davey speedstar wrote:
Looks like there are mature skaters are all over the North West:
Dave with his confidence boost . Not on the banks of the Dee, Dave, but I've just found a West Kirby video (that doesn't feature windsurfers - well, it is in the local supermarket carpark) made recently to help get a local skatepark built (as usual, no adult skaters here - mainly skateboarders with two young aggressives). But think it fits into this thread. And a good choice of music being made: Guns n' Roses.

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