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Default Wirral/Merseyside/Liverpool Skaters (England UK)

In almost 5 months of skating I've only met one other adult skater in my area (and he was a visitor!) so I'm not hoping too much from this post - but if you don't try, you don't get, so here goes:

Are there any "Adult" skaters in the Wirral, or Merseyside, or Liverpool areas who'd like to meet-up for an informal group skate on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon?

A sort of informal Friday Night Skate sort of thing (very sort of). This would be a skate beside the estuary of the River Dee and the Irish Sea on the Wirral Peninsula. It's a picturesque and flat route, mainly along the promenades beside the beaches (my regular route). The idea would be to start beside the Marine Lake in West Kirby and finish there (this is convenient for parking, shops, or coming by public transport - the West Kirby railway station and local buses are only about 300 metres away) and to skate around the western end of the peninsula, skating through West Kirby, Hoylake and Meols. One and a half to two hours at an easy pace (with a stop or two).

Anyone interested? There do not seem to be any Friday Night or Sunday Stroll type skates in the North West. Otherwise I'd go on them!

Currently, I believe I Am the local skating community here - if I'm not, please get in touch.

This is for Adults only. If you are underage please do not reply (sorry). I'm a 61 year old skater but my age should not imply that I'm slow or unfit.

Anyone interested? Please either e-mail me from this forum, or send a Personal Message, or just post here. It's a very pleasant flat route (although I could throw in the Hill from Hell, but I won't). Here's a picture below of the prom at West Kirby.

Photograph: Sandra Smith

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