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Originally Posted by rwsz View Post
sometimes u can just turn it around and put it in the other direction if the burrs aren't dead center ,,,,if not u need new axles or just put up with it that way
I'd consider getting in good light, identifying the serrated side of the hanger and clamping it with vice grips, big suckers, just need a tiny bit of bite to hold the axle still.
Last bearing cleaning with my D/A10 to D/A45 conversion with ti parts, one axle was floating, I just centered it and tightened the axle nuts, next time I'll squeeze it a bit.

Mort's idea of red loctite is good, I'd use blue so it's not frozen, just secure.

Also roughing up the axle serrations, digging out the grooves a bit to add meat to the equation, metal takes up space, might be a fix.
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