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Originally Posted by dvw View Post

Think of it in more subtle terms. Get some speed up and get into a coasting tuck, like you're headed into a corner. Without changing your stance or balance at all, curl your toes upward in the boot firmly. You'll feel yourself gain a little speed. Likewise, press down with the ball of your foot, you'll feel some drag. It might take a few tries for you to get the technique, but once you get it, the light bulb will really come on.

Works on snow with skis also, well obviously if you weight the front of the ski while it's on edge you're going to make a very sharp turn obviously slowing down.
But, when you weight the rear of the skis either on edge or flat you get an immediate kick of speed, just dropping your butt low over and over will accelerate you, and it's not subtle.
To be fast in a course on skis you get as small as you can, move the least amount possible (except for constantly weighting the tails of the skis for acceleration) and of course, make clean carves.
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Alpine Snowboard also.
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