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Originally Posted by JorisKB View Post
Arius can actully be cut with a simple small climbing rope.

And you cant set the action, and they have no pre compression, and you are metal on metal on metal .
Well, basically they sucks. But maybe for speed skating they could be good , cause having no real truck nor kingpin, they are damn light.

Yes, old design :

Boen were forged alloy, nothing like the "tincan and hate" powerdyne recipe.
So you think a rope destroyed the plate? I don't think so... most likely not enough radius in the beams/flanges of the frame, causing stress cracks then failure. Arius plates have no real suspension so they endure more stress than you average plate, softer wheels help but still vibration can take it's toll.
I designed some plates years ago like the arius and looked into varius ways to dampen turning and truck action. I drew what your pics have, in one of my versions. It was the least desirable because of urethane compression/ displacement issues vs surface area. You can't put the most desirable truck action in place because of physical limitations vs component strength. I ended up drawing a very close finished drawing/print akin to the arius design. Still have the print too.
On a rink floor they hold up well with Mort's documented modifications. But outdoors is hard on any skate.
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