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Originally Posted by retread View Post
See the "Favorite songs to shuffle to" thread on the Artistic and Session skating forum. I posted a picture of Corey doing his thing at Sportsmans a couple weeks ago. He had to set up his portable keyboards as the rink's Hammond was on the fritz. Go back a couple posts, there is a You Tube link of him working out last summer. The only recurring happy dream I ever had was shuffling again to music like Bill Clark did. I'm living it, the only dream I've ever had come true.

Ya know... I heard it said one time.... that Corey is the "closest thing to Bill Clark that's ever come along" ... Heard that the night Lonnie, Marty, and Corey played an Organ Jamboree at Fantasy! Although I love his shuffle music my absolute favorite is his version of "Night's in White Satin" for a Couples Skate... He played it last month... do you remember it????

You will have to say hello to us the next Sunday we are there!!! I am easy to spot ... I look much like my "Avatar".... Spikey White Hair!!! We hope to be there this Sunday... Ralph is playing right?

I will go look for the pic of Corey!
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