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Default I borrowed some Scotts

A while back. They had too much pigment in them. They were supposed to softer but turned out much harder than projected.. They rolled like mad but would not stick except on unused floor(back of the rink in the turns next to the wall). They would slide forever. Using this as an example as SCOTTS are the absolute #1 wheel in the Quad Skate World! Any pigment added to the mixture affects the grip. I ran another set borrowed from the same guy, they gripped and rolled awesomely! So it is just what happened when the customer ordered his specifics, then got what he ordered. I feel that wheels that are dyed get pigment but it is more like "stained" or color on instead of being part of the mixture. I could never tell a difference in grip once my wheels were stained compared to the same wheels that were never stained. JMO. Also wheels from different companies have different recipes so grip and roll is not just about how hard they are. Lots of variables to observe.
1. Wheel sidewall thickness
2. Wheel width
3. Wheel diameter
4. Hardness.
5. Type of or chemical recipe of urethane.
6. Treaded or not.
7. Contact (footprint) width.
8. Hub type, no hub, plastic hub or metal hub.
9. Hub cap type(Atoms).
10. Pigment or no pigment(nats...natural color)

I think this covers just about everything.. but there may be more that I haven't touched on.
Basically, in how a wheel performs is not restricted to just hardness. Hardness plays a big role but it is not all there is to it.
IMO that these properties being combined into a wheel produce footprint size(squish), roll characteristics, hub deformation and grip. All the things we want in a wheel. One wheel won't do it all. So multiple wheel sets are needed for different floors and uses. A derby skater will want predictable slide and slip. Speed skaters want awesome roll with minimal slip. Sessions skaters(turning and slicing) mostly would want awesome grip with no slip. Dance, figure and others will want something different or a combination of things above. Some want to just Slide.........>>>>....

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