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I also advise you consider the SG Nova plate. Though it is a steeper kingpin plate, the stock suspension can be easily upgraded to better cushions and tuned for sharp turning, while still maintaining the excellent high speed stability that the shallow action angle (steeper KP) plate maintains. The metal trucks also make sense for handling the greater shock loading potential that outdoor rolling surfaces can occasionally hit you with.

The lower overall cost of the NOVA plate means you can then use the savings to do a weight reduction upgrade of the axles to titanium and of the stock steel bolt style kingpins to titanium stud style kingpins, giving a total weight of around 300 grams, depending on foot size. I call this upgraded plate scheme SuperNOVA .
The ~30% fiberglass reinforcement of the Nova's box beam designed plastic plate gives it a more than decent level of stiffness that is well matched the the more vibrationally harsh environment that outdoor skating presents.

This post shows a supernova outdoor build for a derby girl to use for practice and working out more on trails.
The Puma soccer shoe is kangaroo leather with cleats removed. Carbon fiber sole stiffener is optional if boot sole is adequately stiff.
Axle nuts and actions nuts are 100% nylon. Axles and kingpins are titanium
Even with the toe stops, these are only 1000 gram skates, which is not so easy to accomplish.

Nova plates also have good deck height for using larger outdoor wheels in the 70-76mm diameter.


Example of all wheels down sharp turning radius capability of a well turned suspension NOVA plate that was adjusted tight enough so that there was NO WIGGLE of the truck at neutral and full cushion snap back at neutral.
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