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Originally Posted by Mort View Post
If you have done inlines, your probably used to no brakes, so... Need stoppers? Might want to do a NTS (No Toe Stop) build.
Toe stops offer one big advantage in indoor racing. Starts. The first three steps of running on your toes is a bit faster than a duck walk (you should run more than three steps on your toes if you take this approach, but that is where the advantage is at its peak). Obviously there are plenty of people who have fast starts without toe stops, but if you are racing 500m it may well be worth it to keep the stops to gain that 1-2 extra positions entering the first corner. Starts are the only reason I have toe stops anymore. I put plugs in except for race weekends.

The Proline was considered the top racing plate by many skaters 2 decades ago. It certainly qualifies as "suitable". Since then there hasn't been a whole lot of innovation, but it's possible there is another plate that is a bit lighter which is just as well adapted. It would be a safe bet. It's what I have used at multiple Quad Nationals over the years. I don't know about the other options.

The Arius is an interesting choice. By design power transfer is more efficient, and it is lighter. The choice of material is the one thing that keeps me from recommending it (other than my lack of personal experience). Especially since the OP mentions freestyle and dance I'm not sure how they will hold up. Some people have even mentioned that they can bend while mounting if your boot sole is not flat. That said, since my worry is durability and Mort actually owns a pair so he is better suited to discussing these tradeoffs than I am.

EDIT: I am 5'11" and my weight has varied from 150-175 over the past couple of decades. At 16 I was running very close to national record time (missed the 1500m Junior men record by 1.5 seconds after skating the entire race myself with a gap) and at session I often switch to jumping over the limbo poll before I would actually have problems going under it. All of this was on 7mm Prolines. I've also only broken 1 kingpin in that time. I did take a few years off of skating, but this particular plate, bought used, has probably lasted me roughly 9 years of actual skating time.
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