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Smile Here's my best! Good luck on your skate purchase.

I really don’t know why the foot measurements are not the same size as the boot measurements. I’m guessing the extra material and such makes the actual size of the boot larger than the actual size of the measurements of the actual foot????

The Dance plate is too wobbly to do jumps on. It is designed to do Dance. I would strongly suggest you buy a freestyle plate if you are going to do jumps and spins and buy a stiff boot like the EDEA Concerto. I wouldn’t want you to break an ankle.

I really don’t know much about the Minstral plate.
If the MFG (…roll line) suggests a certain plate for a discipline, like Dance, Figures or Freestyle, I would buy that plate for that particular discipline. I use the Energy plate for jumps and spins and the Dance Plate to do dance in. I feel the Dance plate is too wobbly to land a jump on, regardless if it has lower CG.


Larry Otani

P.S. This is wrong but I use the "Ring" plate for figures and I have bought a Matrix plate and a EDEA Piano boot for a backup Freestyle plate.

I also bought a 45 degree Synder Royal Speed skate and a EDEA Ice Fly boot to experiment for freestyle on?
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