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Default Using shorter plates and rockering the wheels


I used to practice slalom skating on inlines, with wheels in a rockered configuration (two big ones in the middle, smaller at the ends). Skating this way gives quite the same sensations as with ice skates.
The PIC skates and the Snow White skates are also rockered.

I went artistic for a few monthes, and intend to purchase probably some artistic roller skates.
I went last week in an artistic roller skate club in my area, and tried out some roller skates they borrowed me. The feeling I got was that I could hardly move my feet laterally, giving me problems for narrow edges.

If I buy some roller skates, the first step I can take to overcome this lack of manoeuvrability is to pick some dance plates like the Roll Line Dance, from what I read on this forum.
The second step I could implement is to choose shorter plates relatively to the boot size.
The third solution I could experiment is to rocker my wheels as explained in this video (in portugese).

Could you please tell me what you think of the rockering tip presented in this video (he shows a schema at the end).
Particularly, I use to work out every trick I ever learned (in agressive inline, and later in slalom inline) at each side : e.g. spin in horlogic direction as well in anti-horlogic). The rockered configutation showed in the video is of interest only for skaters doing tricks at only one side, and not the other, no?

Also, according to my feet length which is 260cm, could anybody tell me what is the shorter Roller Line Dance plate I can mount on my future boots?

Thank you for your help!
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