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Originally Posted by snailmont5oh View Post
Hi, Doc.

Some background: I used to be a pretty good shag (or as the rest of the world calls it: shuffle) skater. Fast, smooth, and I was a freaking metronome. At 260 pounds, I broke 3 axles in two weeks on my Satellite plates. I decided to quit skating until I could get some harder axles. Well, the internet didn't exist then, and I didn't know then what I do now about hardware, so...

Fast forward 20 years and 90 pounds, and I decide that I gotta get back on wheels. I didn't figure that the Satellites were up to the task, so I picked up a used set of Arius plates. As you may have guessed, I am less than happy with them from a stability and nimbleness standpoint, even with the orange butterflies. I've been back at it a year and a half, so I'm starting to think that it's not all me.

Now to the questions: What is the action angle on a single-action Satellite from the early 90s?

~ 30.

I was happy with those back in the day, so maybe I want something similar. Would I be happier with a DA 45, a low-angle speed plate, or something in between? Should I be trying to get some old Snyder Super Deluxe, or maybe some Pilot Falcon Plus? Or, whatever else you may recommend.

I would try an aluminum Avenger. It's got that 30 action angle and is much easier to tune. It will come closer to the Satellite than any other DA plate. The Snyder Royal / Imperial is like a Satellite only more so.

Second question: My Satellites are 7" wheelbase on a size 9 Ridell 595. Those boots were too tight, even when I was younger. My Ariuses are size 11, 7 1/4" wheelbase, on a 10 1/2 Antik.

Nice sk8boards. My size 9s are running between 6 and 6 3/8" wheelbase. That said, the plate size really has nothing to do with the boot size. It's your foot that matter. Long toes can really screw things up.

I'm assuming that my foot didn't actually grow, and that my foot is at the back of the boot because of being cinched in by the laces which I keep quite tight. So, can I get the shorter plate, and mount it so that the front wheel is under the ball of my foot? I'm way too old and fat to try to be as fast and smooth as I used to be. I'm just trying to get a little of my mojo back.

Mojo in an Antik?? Interesting concept. Now let me help ya with the boot size thing. Go to the shoe store and get measured on a Brannock device. Bot feet, length width and arch length. Avoid Pay Less and other shoe stores that have proprietary Brannock devices. Anything that give Narrow - medium - wide width instead of the letter width. Once we know that, we can figure out what size boot you really need.

Thoughts? Do you have anything for sale, or know of anyone that has some good used equipment? I'm also not trying to spend like a 20-year-old.

Gee, I would hope you are looking to spend like a grown up. Get measured and we can go from there. Yes I have tons of used gear, some of it pretty exotic.


Shoot me a PM when you get sized.. Remember, both feet!!
"The difference between good skates and great skates comes from knowing where to get the numbers."
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