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My original home rink in North Huntingdon, PA. closed twice. It was three different names in it's life. I can't remember what it was first, but that was before my day. I think it was called Saddie's Place, but I'm not 100% sure on that. I do know that the rink was on the main floor and there was a restaurant upstairs.

When I started going it was called Norwin Skateland. The rink was on one side of the building and a gym on the other side. No restaurant though. I was up where it was a couple times and it looked like it was actually a pretty nice place. Little restaurant and bar with a small stage for live bands. I started goin skating there for school skating parties in elementary school. Then I started goin on Wednesday nights to the Organ Music session. I was a Boy Scout at the time goin for my Skating merit badge. My uncle was the merit badge counsler for it and that's when he went. He taught me a few dances there (Circle Waltz, Blues, Tango, etc.) and I really liked it. I actually got my first job there to get my first pair of good skates. The DJ (older guy playin cassettes of organ music songs he recorded) told me I needed better skates than my cheap vinyl Chicagos and there was a good pair of used good Chicago art skates at the rink for sale for $250. I couldn't afford it and my parents had been suggesting that I get a job, so the DJ and me talked to the rink owner about me working there and the owner taking $20 out of each paycheck to pay off the skates. So that's how I got my first job and my first pair of good skates. I worked there for many years until I got a different, better paying job. Also, just like many of us on here, I met my first girlfriend there. Didn't really work out in the long run, but still. The floor was never really good and the music on the weekend sessions went down hill toward the end, but it was still home.

Then while I was in high school, the rink got sold and closed down. There was alot of speculation that the new owner was going to tear it down. The new owner actually was an owner of two other rinks I had been to. He did alot of renovations and reopened it as Blazers. He completely redid the floor and it was nice. The snack bar was moved to the old lobby of the gym. That was very cool because where it was moved to was at the end of the rink floor and one floor up, so you could sit at the tables in the snack bar and look out over the rink. That was very nice. The music was pretty good. Good skating songs with a little Metallica and AC/DC type stuff mixed in. It stayed goin for a few years. Then the crowds dwindled, the metal took over the good skating music, and the floor went to crap.

The rink closed quite a few years ago now and the owner turned it into a restaurant/bar kinda place called Pluma. I think it's kinda like Dave and Busters with food and video games and stuff. I dunno for sure. Never been in there. I'm too worried that if I go in there and see the rink floor with tables and stuff on it I might cry lol. I actually did cry when Skateland closed. Started tearin up as I was the last person stepping off the floor. That place was my second home from like 6th grade through high school. I made alot of friends there and developed my love of skating there. It was never the nicest or biggest rink or the best floor. lol I actually have very fond memories of jumping the buckets placed in the middle of the floor to catch the water dripping in through the holes in the roof, putting towels in front of the side door to keep the water from coming in onto the floor, dodging the washboarded sections in the floor. You know, all the stuff we complain about lol. But like I said, it may not have been pretty, but it was home
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