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Many times urethane is not as hard as it is advertised.

Narrow wheels don't always give the modification in traction youd think.

If you consider identical urethane...
Narrow wheels produce more PSI than wide wheels ( less wheel width to displace a skaters weight), and on some(most floors really) floors will produce a lot more grip. Example? Vanilla groove n glides( 62x 30)in 99A compared to vanilla deluxe(6242) in 99A vs Vanilla Royals in 99A(57x30).

Thinner wall of urethane around a hub (which in a way, stiffens the wheel) is usually easier to induce a slide.

Also its easier to induce a slide on a skate with the wheels set a bit looser. This allows the wheel to have more ability to vibrate. The vibration makes for less available grip. Metal huns help alot here as plastic dampens vibrations. So make sure the wheels have a tiny bit of lateral play on each axle.

If running spacers, thats fine. However if the axle nut is tightened all the way down this dampens the wheels ability to vibrate, and makes sliding harder.

RBT 101
Vanilla Deluxe 99A

Of those 2 , honestly would go for the vanilla, they will replace the wheels ar no cost if they wear out. I dont know of a wheel that would be better for what that skater needs right off hand.
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