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Ill have to say that the Adult Nights in Philly are among my favorites. Make sure you stop by the Palace in Philly. The info is posted above on that one.

Braadford, Massachusetts Skateland is also a great one.

Semoran Skateway in Casselberry, FL
Sunday from 8-11 16 and older

Semoran also has one on Tuesdays for 18 and older 8-11

Universal in Orlando FL
Only during the Summers 18 and older
Wednesday night 8-11

United skates in Tampa FL
Thursday nights from 9 - midnight 18 and older

skate station in Orange Park, FL
Sunday Nights from 8-11 Really good R &B Night 18 and older

Sparkles of Hiram Hiram GA
Wednesday Night from 8-11 16 and older

I have been to a few more in Cali, Texas, Georgia, Florida, Ohio, and Chicago that I just cant remember all the info. Ill see if I can dig it up. Here are the list of the rinks though.

Houston Texas has a great one on Sunday Nights. I dont remember which rink.

The Rink in Chicago Illinois has a few great R&B nights.

Orbit Skate Center in Pallintine, Il has one on Thursday nights I believe.

San Diego California has an adult night that I enjoyed. I dont remember the name of it but it did have a good adult night on Sunday or Monday night I believe.

Out door skating in Venice Beach or Times Square is always a great adult style skating. Its always Saturday or Sunday during the day time.

If i remember more then ill post them up. Ive traveled to alot of adult nights but I never write the info down. The list could go for days with me. haha
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