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Default Rockered frames - wanting to go flat

Hi, first post, new guy skating here. Bought a pair of used Igors which was decently priced and happened to fit, but.. it has a rockered 243mm frame and 80mm wheels

I am new, and this rockered thing is not my cup of tea, at least for my current skill level.

Does it make a big difference if I get smaller wheels for the middle, versus swapping a frame to a flat? I could probably trade it with someone who wants a rockered frame, but not sure if I should keep it for the future. I am mainly interested in urban skating, not tricks or cone stuff.

My other pair of inlines is CCM RBZ's, but I picked these up because I wanted more flexibility (Igors are not very flexible however) and some plastic protection for falls and scrapes (almost damaged the stitching from a small fall on the hockey skates on asphalt)

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