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Hi Bob. First let me say that those tiny speed boots are adorable! I didn't even know they made speed boots that small. I think it's great your kids are interested and your'e supporting it. Good job dad!
(Also I didn't realize I was in the Speed Skating Thread:roll eyes)

Both of the boots you mention look amazing and very reputable. I would recommend you go with those and yes in the adjustable sizes. They make amazingly good adjustable boots these days.

The Luigino Mini Challenge appears to have more options regarding plate and wheel sizes. I was looking at this link. But it looks like that's for the bigger kid.

The Atom Pro might be more appropriate for the smaller guy (smaller size). Here's a thought... You could just put smaller wheels on that skate. It would be easy to put a 90mm wheel on those and he'd start getting used to the larger plate and eventually could work his way up to the 100mm wheel.

Good luck!!!
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