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Originally Posted by rufusprime99 View Post
Ah... here it is. The www at the beginning of the code got dropped.

Oh, so you went to a full art setup. That looks proper to me. I bet you feel like you are going to fall on your face when you stride, huh? You have to stride carefully and sink deeper with your knees.

That, along with the reactor and stiff cushions, should be a toe pivoting machine.

What I would suggest is not so much skating these, as learn to spin. But not spinning for the sake of spinning, but for the sake of doing 180 transitions. Back to front, front to back, while not moving. Then start skating slowly and start employing the 180's while skating. This is the kind of skate where you will be skating along, and then pop off 4 or 5 travelling 180's. Once you learn to put the right pressure to make the front axle want to flip, you'll be doing it all the time.

Going from an erstwhile normal skate to this. This must seem like a MONSTER. Suck it up, and put time in on this monster, realizing that it is set up for toe pivot. And then learn to do it. Once you get the feel, it will be like going from manual steering on a car to power steering. This skate is quite different, and probably seems horrible to you right now. Just know, it IS built for a purpose. And once you learn to tap into what it offers, you will love it.
What he said. I have the Roll Line Dance plates on the Edea Classica Boot. The heel on the Edea boot is higher than what I have on my Riedell 220's and the Dance plate is a 160 (I wear a size 9 and the chart states I should have ordered a 180 length plate). My first time skating in them seemed like I was leaning forward on my tip-toe's the whole time. Couple that with me loosening my trucks for more maneuverability, I was in shock and felt like I had to start over. It took a few weeks of getting used to. Now, whatever I want to do, I have great control of the skates. Sometimes I make up stuff on the fly just to see if I can do it and most of the time, I pull it off!
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