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So here are a couple of photo's of the skates

Got rollerbones wheels on them now though but another reason I opted for them was so I could play with the mini mac wheels that don't fit the roll line frame with the king pin being too low.

As far as frame length goes I was worried they might be too short. I opted for a size 6 with a wheelbase of 156 because the boot I was putting them on was kind of skinny with a slim heel. Also my variant has a wheelbase of 160 and I had been thinking of going down a size to a 150 if I had opted for the dance plate. The size 7 pro is 162 so I thought the 156 was a good compromise.

I have taken on board what you have said about lifting the axles and will maybe concentrate on refining that technique more before I give up on them!

The boots I've put them on may get changed in the future but I just wanted to give them a go first seeing as I already had them.

Ursle I'm in Australia so Snyder are non existent here! can find a few different suregrip plates and roll line are quite easy to get. I thought the Roll line Dance is a 45 degree plate. I do think I'll have to try the dance plate at some point though and it does seem to be gaining popularity in the rhythm circles.
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