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The powerdyne is a 10 degree plate, the roll-lines are 18 degrees, have you looked at the snyder advantage, it says it's 15 degrees, I thought it was 18, hmm.
It comes with 7 or 8 mm axles, get the 7, in steel or titanium, get the titanium.
Parts are readily available, including every durometer possible cushion, adjustable pivot pins, price wise for the titanium, you're near titanium roll-line, but, parts are readily available, they are sae not metric.

I had some Roll-line matrix, moved to a D/A45, wish Roll-line made a D/A45.

I wonder, using t-nuts inside the boot, mounting that variant in two places, one on the heel, where it is for whatever type skating you do with it on the heel, and then also mounting it with the front axle right under the spot between the big and index toes, a short forward, the t-nuts stay in the boot, the allen bolts attaching the plates to the boots would take a minute to change over, so you could skate with the plates all the way at the back of the boot, if you were art skating or jumping, then you could move the plates forward for rhythm and toe spins, the mystral plate is perfect for all.
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