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Default Roll line Dance or Minstral plate

I have learnt to skate on a Variant M and hockey boot which I quite like it but wanted to get a 2nd set of skates for more rhythm style skating and toe spins. Didn't know which plate to get and was thinking the powerdyne reactor pro, roll line minstral or roll line dance plate. Looked at what a lot of my favorite skaters used and opted to get the reactor pro.
Maybe I've not given it long enough yet but I'm not liking it much so far. Going forwards is ok and up on toes seems slightly more stable than the variant but I'm finding backwards a real struggle as well as sideways spread eagle. Not that I'm great at sideways yet but can manage it on a circle ok. I've messed around with the orange and red cushions and even with the soft ones on the rear, it's still not working for me.
When I put my old skates back on with the variant M plate, it's like I breath a sigh of relief and I can skate again.
I was originally thinking of getting the dance plate but was worried it might be too much for me to handle at my current ability. I'm still tempted to try the dance but worried about stability esp when on toes. I tend to get some speed wobble on the variant when on toes, if I go any faster than snail pace. But maybe that's more my ability that the plate!
I was worried the minstral might be to much like the variant and I was hoping for a significant upgrade on the variant really.
So should I be brave and try the dance or play safer with the minstral or are there any other plates I should consider?
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