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Originally Posted by JHB View Post
Skate Estate in Vestal, right?
I worked in Owego for the second half of last year, and unfortunately I never made it to a Skate Estate session.
I realize this thread is old, but just wanted to mention that this is my home rink and it's still going. The numbers aren't so great though for skating sessions. They're open 6-7 days a week and it's the only rink I know of within several hours of me here that isn't just a wood floor inside an old warehouse somewhere. It actually has a sound system, disco balls, black lights, etc. and once in a great while they still bother to announce that it's time for a "reverse skate" so we can all go clockwise instead. I grew up in that rink basically. I miss having an open center to do tricks in, but laser tag keeps the money flowing in from birthday parties and whatnot. Tuesday evenings is usually adult skate night and they play 70s and early 80s music, and usually there's under 20 people there in my experience so far. I really enjoy that. Most other days of the week there's a "trike, trot, and roll" session for toddlers to run around aimlessly on the floor, followed by an "open skate" from noon to 5, and then most of the time there's a dollar night or something from 5-8. Other days the noon session is extended through about 8pm instead.

I haven't seen more than a few dozen people there at once yet, and often the majority of them are little kids with those skate buddies, but it's still a great time.
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