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Used a different rink for the first time in a while as my usual rink is closed for a few days for refurbishment. This other rink has a much bigger rink, and no pillars in the way so I though it would be a much better skating experience but I found it a little soulless. Not helped by the fact there were only around 10 skaters in the rink and the music wasn't great.

Took a little while to get used to the different surface (both wood floors). Its a newer rink so the surface overall is smoother, but although slippier (as noted when trying to get up to high speed or during crossovers) I found it harder to do normal pivot turns, ending up on my ass on several occasions. Probably just a question of getting used to a different surface in the same way getting used to new skates, wheels, pivots etc cane tricky.

An enjoyable session but looking forward to getting back to my usual rink. Smaller but a much better atmosphere.
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