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Smile Dear Bill thanks for the post and update?

Personally I live in Southern, Ca and I probably have 7 skating rinks that are within driving distance.

I think the closest one is Fountain Valley and that is the Rink I chose as home base. It is probably 30 miles from my house and I personally think that is the perfect drive. Nominally it will take 1 hour to drive 30 miles in Southern, traffic and! I think a lot of things in life could be a lot worse than sitting in traffic, but not!

1) As some people think driving 50 miles to a skating rink, is too much, I use to travel 5 hours to go to a roller skating competition where your skating routine is only lasted 3 minutes. How many people would travel 300 miles to skate 3 minutes.

a) Well,l there are a lot of Olympic ice skaters who practice 20 years up to 40 hours a week, just to skate a 5 minute routine. Why would they do that and spend so much money ($100,000's) on something that my bring zero dollars in return?

2) I personally think the basis of a skating rink staying in business is based on clean moral principles. At one time skating was regarded as a clean, wholesome American Pastime. A place to go, socialize and build up good health and hygiene.

Then the 70's came, disco an the craze. It wore off and the big office attendance dropped off and the price of real estate rose. The only people who could stay in business were those who had purchased the property and could afford to ride out the slow times.

These people also had a love affair with skating and a passion to keep the dream alive. They had a deep connection to a Roller Skating Promise and Ethic to provide for the General Public a way of relaxation, exercise and competition.

All these Rinks, Redwood City, Ca, Fountain Valley, Ca, Glendale, Ca, Northridge, Ca and Ventura, Ca have a deep background in Artistic Competitive Skating. Not only are these rinks family owned, but their tradition has long be founded in the RSROA (Roller Skating Rink Operators of America).

The key to Rinks staying in business is connected to origin of skating established in the 20-30s. These traditions can be found in many of the founding skating rinks, their owners and means of operation. Competitions and the deep connections to the community for good wholesome entertainment for the whole family.


Larry Otani

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