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Default New skates

After having Suregrip GT50's, I just got Mota Mojo Savage skates. So excited! Saved for a couple months and then had to wait 3 weeks until they came in. I tried the size 8 on and they were tight. The 9 was way too big. My right foot is bigger than the left. My big toe touches the end. It doesn't hurt. I'm afraid it will later after skating a while. I have other spots that really hurt. The shop said I could have them heat treated which I will do when I go to try them out. Will the length stretch as they are used? I need like 1 mm. I am worried I bought the wrong boot. But they are beautiful! I do dancing and will do derby. I have two different wheels for each. I just ordered the clip trucks. Any opinions on those? Thought it would be so much easier for when I change from 98a to 96a and then to derby wheels. I'm trying to get used to 98's. Almost broke my elbow two weeks ago. Might have actually fractured it but not much they can do for a tiny fracture like I think I have. How can I break my boots in fast? I only get to go 3 and sometimes 6 hours a week.
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